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SOG PF Radio Support Transport Broken
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In a MP hosted environment, the transport helo that you requested only lands for maybe one second and it immediately takes-off gaining altitude hovering.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
21H2 OS build: 19044.2006
Steps To Reproduce

I created a test mission using the Virtual Reality and Cam Lao Nam map and launched it in MP. The error happened on both maps.

The mission consisted only the minimal things you would need to test and reproduce.

  • performance/profiling binary
  • Only SOG PF Radio module uses
  • 1 x player unit
  • 2 x map markers

I've included a video to show:
1 - Long Version
2 - Short Version

Additional Information

After further testing with the vanilla/default binary the Radio Support Transport module worked as expected. I switched back to the performance/profiling binary and that is when the issue reared its ugly head again.

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