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M1025 after experimental 1.19 fix update (29.09.22)
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For the guys who are reading this on the other side. I know you have hundreds like this one every day, just want you to know even when I complain I still appreciate your (and all dayz team) hard work,. Thanks for that.

M1025 after experimental fix update (29.09.22)

The start knob works fine, there's no more extreme tremor of the left leg, glitchy left back wheel seems normal now. I hope this is not the last update.

There are still:

  1. No engine section textures.
  1. Messed up fron/side lights glass (since all front light system is on the hood, maybe you should move all the front lights on the hood, so when the hood is not attached, the front lights don't work, plus all the textures of lights will be on the hood. Or make the hood not separate, make it still openable, but not changeble - just a proposition).
  1. Still no behind-ebgine section textures, as you can see on the pic players lower part is visible from outside.
  1. Trunk support springs still don't work (animate or just remove them).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn M1025 without a hood, look at the engine section
  2. Spawn M1025 without a hood, look at the front/side lights section
  3. Spawn M1025 without a hood, look at the cabin direction (drivers/co-drivers seats)
  4. 1. Spawn M1025, attach trunk, open it, look at the trunk support springs.
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