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Dayz 1.19 Feedback (also gliches and bugs)
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I've been playing the 1.19 for the last few days, I already looted the bunker, found the new itens and drove the Hmmv. In this post I will numerate the gliches and changes I found.
1-HMMV hood and front part is invisible
2-Caracter has a tremor while running (looks like the screen is shaking, probably lag issues)
3-caracter usually get stuck in furniture from the houses
4-If you are looting the bunker, in the 2nd level and the water rises, you get stuck permanently. Probably adding a way out with the vents, in a way you cant get in, would help solo players
5-the bunker is spawning a tremendous amount of ammo (foun 5 ammo boxes full)
6-punched card can be used multiple times
7-the guns that spawn in the bunker are worst than the ones from the toxic zone, that doesnt make sense, since you need to go to the toxic zone to find the card
8-ssg82 spawns only in pristine condition
9-blowtorch should be able to repair radiators, since they are only spawned damaged

I also have to send my congratulations to the devs for this incredible update, its been awesome play this patch. Thanks for all!


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Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Sep 25 2022, 11:27 PM

You don't neccesarily have to go to toxic zones to get the punched card, just saying...

Ive found SSG both pristine and damaged, mags worn and damaged

Not sure what’s going on but I’ve recently run into problems with interactions with items and doors in the game. Can’t pick up items open doors or attack zombies. Zombies don’t even aggro sometimes. Other times they do and an invisible force is killing you.