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Various issues with vehicles [1.19 exp]
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I played around with the vehicles in 1.19 experimental and noticed some issues.

  1. Cars can feel like they're driving on ice on some surfaces.
  2. Zombies collide with the vehicle and can make it float.
  3. Hitting certain objects or terrain bumps may make your screen go permanently black until you relog. You will hear every spawned entitiy in a large vicinity like zombies, animals and artillery. This may also permanently break the vehicle and render it unable to move if you leave the car running while relogging.
  4. The turning circle seems a lot smaller than on the previous cars. They should be turning quicker at lower speeds than currently.
  5. The RPM on various vehicles is very bumpy and likes to just rev up and down randomly.
  6. Taking a tire off cars can make them slide down a hill.
  7. The foot on the gas pedal can also get wonky sometimes. It likes to shake. The steering wheel likes to do that aswell, but only on rough terrain. Not sure if that's a bug or simulates the bumps in the road.
  8. Horns are extremely quiet.

Issues specific to the Humvee utility vehicle:

  1. The ignition switch disappears when you turn the car on.
  2. The Humvee is revving extremely fast in neutral and lower speeds. (RPM)
  3. Available/Taken storage space is not displayed in the inventory.
  4. The wheels on the Humvee appear to be spinning way too fast at times. May be related to the high RPM mentioned above.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Lose control on various surfaces and try to regain it, you will keep spinning in circles and sliding around.
  2. Have a zombie collide with your vehicle and try to run it over, your car will start to float shortly, sometimes higher than other times.
  3. This does not always work. But when it does, you will go black screen after crashing into terrain or objects.
  4. Compare the old turning circles to the new. They seem very different in some areas.
  5. Turn on a car (preferably the Civilian Sedan Olga 24 as it's one of the worst) and just drive. You will notice it.
  6. Place a car, (the Offroad Hatchback Ada 4x4 in this example) on a hill and take off a tire. It will likely start sliding down the hill.
  7. Drive around on solid and rough terrain and watch the survivors foot on the gas pedal and the steering wheel.
  8. Get in a car and sound the Horn, you will notice immediately how quiet it is. Use third person for a better idea.
  1. Turn on the Humvee, and it will disappear into nothingness, then reappear once you turn the car off.
  2. Get in the Humvee and rev it in Neutral or lower speeds in Drive.
  3. Look into the inventory of the Humvee, and you will notice it missing.
  4. Drive around in the Humvee utility vehicle and watch the wheels. To me it feels they are spinning too fast. This may be related to the high RPM.

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I confirm №9, faced with the same issue

Callatic added a subscriber: Callatic.EditedSep 24 2022, 4:17 PM

Issue with all rear back left wheel simulation animations, will flicker and glitch when driving around and turning, confirmed on modded vehicles and vanilla vehicles, it looks like the geometry is detecting the geometry is colliding with something sending the animation the other way on the anim/simulation value. Only happens with back left wheel simulation

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