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Scoping in certain direction causes CTD
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I was outside Bielawa on the southern Y section leading into the city. I was not sure where i was but i could see the road sign. Upon scoping in with my PSO i could make out the name but the game started to stutter. A couple seconds later it crashed to desktop. Could be related to optics and rendering as for the few seconds before crashing i could make out a gas cloud, although the city had not been hit. The gas looked to be rendering past the city like i was almost seeing it "through" the city in another location.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

i tried this a couple times more and was able to replicate the bug and crash again every time looking at that sign or direction. Looking in other directions did not crash the game but moving back towards the direction of the sign immediately crashed again. i tested using iron sights and had no issues, but attempting to use binoculars did crash it in the same way.

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Hello Yamachinu.
This crash is caused by corrupted graphic drivers. Please do a clean install of the GPU drivers.