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Linux Servers Don't Show in Quick Play
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Linux servers do not show up when browsing servers via the Quick Play menu. In order to show up in the Quick Play menu's results, a server must be hosted from a Windows machine.


Operating System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Host a dedicated server on a Linux machine.
  1. Run a mission with type Escape (or another quick play menu mission type) on the server.
  1. Have a few clients connect to the server so the server should show up in the quick play menu.
  1. Attempt to find the server in the quick play menu results.
Additional Information

I found this issue when attempting tests to join my custom Escape server from the Quick Play menu. After changing many settings in both the mission file and server config, I could not find any composition of settings that would allow for my server to show up in the quick play menu. Despite this, I knew it was possible because there are many unofficial servers that show up in the quick play menu, including custom Escape servers.

I began looking at the differences between my server and the custom Escape servers and the only difference was the advertised Server Type was "Dedicated, Windows" on their servers and "Dedicated, Linux" on my server.

I thought "there's no way that's the issue, it's such a weird requirement of the quick play filters". I then moved all my configurations and mission files to a Windows server to test, and the server showed up in the quick play menu immediately.

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IAmSilK created this task.Sat, Sep 17, 4:54 PM
Tenshi added a subscriber: Tenshi.Wed, Sep 21, 10:45 AM

Thank you for reporting the issue.
However due to the current phase of Live Ops development in Arma 3, it is unlikely that we will fix this.

Thank you for the transparency.

Tenshi changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Wed, Sep 21, 5:17 PM