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Build textures and models not loading causing people to spawn in them via radio
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Randomly happens throughout the game, not sure why. This also applies to the textures not loading while driving around or being in a high activity area.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Be in an area with high activity and buildings start to not render right, for the spawning it's random.

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Here is another example of this with rocks.

I'm not sure if it's a texture loading issue or location issue with it. But the textures not loading is a separate issue.. I think I caught that on video.

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Hello falcon91.
Can you please upload your dxdiag file and a screenshot of your video settings as well?

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Here is the Dxdiag, and here is my settings

Also I'm officially done testing until you guys fix the AI from being able to shoot through hills, foliage and smoke, it's ridiculous that they're able to do that, and I've pointed out the AI skill for FIA already in a separate one.

Whats point of new engine if all old bugs still presents ?

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@Geez this issue has come back up again, I was by Tower Entre deux and I had a radio and people were spawning inside the rocks.

Also as per tracker T169726 the texture issues are still ongoing and have been since release.

Here is proof of it happening again @Geez

@Geez We are still seeing this now here is the proof I had a radio on my back

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