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Grenade Splash damage affects original thrower/user more than others
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When you toss a frag grenade into a room even if you are clear of the blast by walls you will die if you are the thrower of the grenade, this happens with both Soviet and US.

This occurs in any building, the command buildings at Mil bases, and Main bases especially.

The Grenade Launcher munitions as well, affect the original firer more than the AI or players that it is impacting near.

For example, at Montignac tonight, I hit a player directly with an M203 and they lived through the grenade impacting on them, and then through 2 more than impacted beside them, another player in that same instance lived through 2 203's into the radio tent allowing them to capture the the base.

Just a few minutes ago, when I was on one of the official servers, I fired a 203 around a corner and hit the second tree away from the bridge on the south side facing east just north of the Outpost at Meux, I ducked behind the wall and had stopped leaning and was still killed by the explosion even with a double barrier of concrete due to it having to go through 2 1ft layers of concrete+ the earthen mound used for the base of the bridge.

In both instances these rounds were the standard 40mm explosive rounds rather than the DP rounds.


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Throw a grenade into a room and close the door, wait outside the wall of that room and you should either die from the explosion or shrapnel.

Fire the 203 at a close AI approx 10 to 20 meters and use cover with lean and you'll take damage from the explosion, same is true for hand grenades if you are behind cover you still get hit and your screen goes blurry for a minute. I can understand if this is extreme close, but behind doors and walls this would be less than what it is.

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@Geez I'm no longer having issues with this, it seems you guys fixed the collision physics when it comes to tossing grenades around corners and the damage not hitting the player if they're behind a wall.

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