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M16 Way underpowered for what it should be
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The M16 is extremely underpowered for what it should be.

Today as one example, I shot a Soviet 6 times in the head at point blank range and watched the blood fly, heard him scream. The Soviet helmet in use at the time was only effectively able to stop 9x19mm not 5.56mm at less than a meter away.

In return I got 10 rounds pumped into me while this guy was still alive after 6 rounds into his head at point blank range causing me to die.

This has been a pretty regular thing, which is why people prefer the Soviet side due to the AK being at the power level that it should be.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Go into your servers and start to fight people with the M16

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Adding to this, two of us on one of the officials servers just unloaded 120 rounds into an AI it looks like your hitboxes are all messed up. The AI was standing and we unloaded 30 round each at him, he went prone and had been hit since you could see the blood on him, his clothes and face were both red.

After this we proceeded to both empty another two magazines directly at sub 40 meters at the AI's head which if they were high would have hit his ass or lower back. In total we emptied a combined 120 rounds into this AI with no effect on him.

I'm not sure if this is a server issue or game issue, but this is one that is terribly annoying and could explain why US teams have a tough time.

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