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M14 compatibility with M14A1 bipod
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The M14 was seen in Vietnam quite often fitted with the M14E2/M14A1's bipod, and it would be a nice feature to include that bipod as an attachment for SOG's standard M14.

It seems like the gas block is different for the bipod, so this could be done one of two ways:
-modify the bipod to include the gas block, and make it an attachment (less realistic, but more modular and neat in arsenal for example
-add a bipod-compatible version of the M14 with the correct gas block (more realistic from a gameplay standpoint, but slightly more cluttery/confusing)


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Bob_Murphy added a subscriber: Bob_Murphy.

Thank you for your feedback! It will now be reviewed by a specialist in our internal QA system.

The modified gas block on SOG:PF M14A1 is solely to have the sling appear attached to the proper swivel - real-life M14A1 uses same gas block as the regular M14, and the different part on the SOG model is in fact the clamp mechanism of M2 bipod, which fits both variants of M14 rifle. Solution number two (separate bipod entity for M14) would be preferred.

Matter of fact, I kind of wish to have M14A1 in two guises - one with M2 bipod attached permamently (and proper sling position), and one with removable bipod, however with no clamp/sling attachement left on the gas block. This "bipod-less" variant should still be able to mount the M2 bipod like regular M14, albeit with sling attached to the stock. Main purpose of that would be replicating a somewhat rare "sniper" variant of M14A1.