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Got teleported
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So to make it very simple, i was playing on one of your official servers and then i logged out of it and joined to another official server which had only first person view, then i went back to the same server i was before and i got teleported from Berezino to Balota Airfield for some reason. Any ideas what happened? P.S. i was playing on xbox series s.


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Windows 7

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Working exactly as intended. You can't expect to be able to skip over to an empty server to continually resupply your guy staking out a specific position in the first server. Then imagine you didn't just skip between 2 servers, but a dozen, all at various loot spawns (mili, heli, plank etc.), and it wasn't just you, but a squad doing this. It'd kill the loot economy everywhere, it'd be worse than duping. Eventually entire geared squads could just teleport around together terrorising servers in rotation.

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