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IED's disapear awhile
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I.E.D. disappeared after being offline for awhile.


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Windows 10 x64
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Craft IED, place and arm IED then wait for server reset or to be far enough away from it that it will disappear with no one around. Does not accept flag from base to stay while flag is raised. I armed the IED in my base, had a m79 smoke and POX grenade attached, took detonator and attached to trip wire and left for work. Came back after work and IED had disappeared.

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Hello disipled.
Traps are not affected by the raised flag. Their lifetime is shorter than the flag ticks and it is possible that the explosive is cleaned up if no one is nearby.

Thank you. That is confusing since the ied is armed with the detonator and one can use the detonator on the tripwire which does stay around with the flag leaving one with just the detonator and nothing it is now connected to due to a signal. It sounds like the ied is intended to disappear but as you're saying, I personally wish it was affect by the flag and buriable like the protector case for base defenses.

Geez added a comment.Jul 11 2022, 10:02 AM

Hello disipled.
Upon further discussion with the devs we have decided that there should indeed be some consistency and the improvised explosive traps probably should not have different lifetime from the mines and other traps.
The devs will go over this in order to properly balance it.

That's really great! Thanks!