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Warlords Defense Placement Issues
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I've been having issues with the warlords module when it comes to using modded defensive assets. I've been trying to create a warlords scenario that uses IFA3 assets instead of vanilla assets. The problem becomes apparent when attempting to order a defensive asset from the requisition menu. The asset will spawn inside the player, push the player around a bit, and then despawn with the announcer saying "Action Canceled." I've tried to use the offset to remedy this, but in my experience it only seems to effect when the item itself is being placed and not when the item is still floating around waiting to be placed. I've got no idea how to fix this. I suspect something within the function that creates the defensive assets doesn't like the modded assets and spawns it in the wrong place before deleting it. This isn't universal, there are two modded assets that I'm aware of which work, that being the mortar's which I've put into asset list for each side. I'm aware that modded assets themselves aren't something that can be fixed directly, but there's got to be a way to move where said asset floats when it's about to be placed.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Step 1. Create a description.ext file for the warlords scenario
Step 2. Create a custom requisitions menu within the description.ext file and add defensive assets from IFA3 to said menu
Step 3. Set the custom requisitions menu in the init
Step 4. Go into the Defenses section of the custom requisitions menu
Step 5. Request a custom defensive asset and attempt placement.

Additional Information

Here's my description.ext file for the scenario I'm making since it should help make your job easier. As stated before, it uses assets from IFA3.

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