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Robotic Sound Bug
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Ever since the launch of 1.18 I have been getting a robotic sound bug that gradually builds over time and the only way to fix it is to completely close out of game. I have gotten it on both vanilla and modded servers. There also seems to be some lag associated with it when interacting with zombies/getting shot/shooting. The robotic sound makes the game unplayable unfortunately. Every sound comes back as robotic, wind, steps, gun shots, doors, voip, etc.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
version 21H2
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Hello everyone.
We have been testing this internally but we were unable to produce this on our end. Is there any info you could provide which would possibly help us to produce this on our end? Could this be related to a specific audio setup?

I've read some stuff today that states that it's to do with GoXLR's, so I'm not sure if thats the variable thats causing this bug to only happen to certain people

Also here is a clip of my bug, it's slightly different to Echo's, it's just my mic that sounds terrible to everyone else, rather than everything sounding terrible to me.

Also heres another clip from another persons perspective, from another day on another server