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Since the 1.18 Patch Update I started experiencing a frozen/laggy/blurry moment that seemed to correlate with going uncon. It completely freezes my screen when about to go unconscious or right before dying. The last time it happened I was experiencing a robotic sound bug on DayOne Namalsk and restarting/dying did not fix my sound bug. In an attempt to see if anything else would fix my sound bug I had my friend punch me out to go unconscious. When she did this, I got the blurry screen lag then instantly died instead of going uncon. I was full health with no frostbites.


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Windows 10
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Version 21H2
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Echoics created this task.Jun 15 2022, 9:01 AM
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Hello Echoics.
Do you also experience this on non modded servers?

I have never experienced this before patch 1.18 and it happened on the first day of the patch (I typically only play lightly modded servers). So I am not sure if it just on modded servers or not. If I am able to get onto a non modded server and test it out to see if it happens I will report back.

Thank you!

I had some stuttering on Spaggie Green last night, It's vanilla...
I didn't have full freezing like in the clip but there was some big 1 or 2 second stutters which I assumed were due to my high ping 130-160.