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(Quality of Life) in-game control glyphs setting
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While using a controller on the PC version of Arma Reforger it is possible to bind both analog and keyboard controls to a controller using steam big picture mode.

While Reforger does allow both control types to be used at the same time, it can be very distracting when the in-game glyphs for interacting with things that you see in the game world constantly change from keyboard glyphs (eg. Press F to interact) and controller glyphs (eg. press X to interact).

As such it would be nice to be able to manually set which glyphs will be visible at all times regardless of which controls I'm using at that moment.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

step 1: have a controller on PC version of Arma Reforger and assign some keyboard keys and some controller keys to it.

step 2: use both controller keys and keyboard keys on your controller thought gameplay.

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