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IPv6 not supported
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IPv6 should be supported and priorized for multiplayer connections.

  • Users with DS-Lite can avoid overloaded CGNAT gateways and enjoy low and stable latency.
  • Also they can host own servers then.

Please dont make the same mistake like on ArmA 3 and ignore technology from 1998.


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I'm curious if this is getting worked on. Any news?

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Lumnuon added a comment.EditedJan 5 2023, 7:42 PM

Subscribed to this. I find it absolutely ridiculous that in 2023 games like Reforger don't support IPv6. My provider doesn't support IPv4 for consumers anymore and nowadays I would have to pay an additional 30 Euros per month just to get an IPv4 address.

I am massively annoyed by it for DayZ and Arma 3 but could excuse it in my head due to those games having had their release years ago. That isn't true for Arma Reforger.

Maybe BI doesn't see it as a priority due to a supposedly small target audience but most people that don't have an IPv4 adress anymore and can't host a game with their friends don't realize that it's due to them being on DS-Lite. They just get frustrated and give up or pay for a third-party server. Accordingly they aren't on BI forums complaining about it.

ocf81 added a comment.Mar 15 2023, 1:17 PM

The lack of any response to this issue by BI staff is really disheartening. What does the future of Arma hold if its technological base is basically worthless? How come BI are so careless about this?

Im also on a fast FiberLink, but IPv4 only throu CG-NAT. So no playing with friends on my own hosted server.
I also think it is time to add IPv6 support!
That should not be so complicated....

zarya added a subscriber: zarya.Nov 12 2023, 7:46 PM