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Make a global menu listing Wiki Enfusion Entries.

I spend lot of time reading the Enfusion parts of the BI wiki and first at all thank you very much for all these information that help me a lot to figure how to use your new game engine (I'm that guy that love read documentation).

But I confess it was not always easy to find which entry correspond to which part of the engine, I often have to explore the different links, go back, don't remember what I have read or not, what I have to read first (wiki alphabetic order doesn't help)…

That's why I think it would be a nice to add a "Global" well sorted list of the entries.
Maybe something like that:

Official Tools

  • Resource Manager
  • Script Editor
  • String Editor
  • World Editor
  • World Editor Tools‎
    • World Editor Terrain Creation Tool
    • World Editor Ground Manipulation Tool
    • World Editor Rotate Tool
  • Enfusion Blender Tools


  • Textures
  • Scripting
    • Values
    • Operator


Note I know there is "All categories" page but it only contain the categories and is alphabetical order that is not convenient to highlight the more important entries.

Maybe adding a creation date for entries can help to see whats news easier.
I fell that the wiki "Recent changes" page and discord "biki change log" chanel drown the important addition in multiple little modification (and include all wiki contents, arma, dayz… included).

I know it is additionnal work but it just consists in adding a link and a date each time a new entrie is made. Not impossible and very useful imo.


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Liven created this task.May 31 2022, 10:33 AM

Hi, and thank you for your feedback! Glad to hear the doc is appreciated, too :-)
I wondered, is the category listing available at Category:Arma Reforger not filling this need, or would you rather have the pages themselves listed too? See the screenshot below

If it does not scratch the spot, I will try and dig something else.

Liven added a comment.May 31 2022, 1:55 PM

To be honest having the full path in each title does not make this listing easily readable.
And yes include the final pages would be a great addition.
(I heard somewhere that a good way to evaluate menu accessibility is to count how many click you need to reach the information you search.)

I suppose this type of listing is automatically generated by the wiki and I know it can save some time but I really feel an hand crafted listing would bring more accessibility.
I was thinking about doing it my self but I didn't find an easy way to see new pages added in the wiki ("Recent changes" page mix too much things to be sure missing nothing important).

true, the 3-clicks rule ;-)
I will check if page listing can be automatically done by some extension, if not I will make a (perhaps temporary) page as you mention.

if you have plans already, please share! I will link it on the main page in the Reforger tile.