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Shortage of 1pp official servers.
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Official servers are, despite their flaws, still my favourite way to play the game. However, I massively prefer to play on 1pp servers, and right now this is very difficult.
Currently, in my region of servers (DE), there is only a single 1pp server per map, as opposed to about 6 (?) 3pp servers. While the 3pp servers always range from pretty populated to near empty, the 1pp servers are incredibly overcrowded, with queues of ~40 being no exception for the Chernarus server during the evening. This makes it practically impossible to play Chernarus 1pp without sitting in the queue for an egregious amount of time.

I don't really understand why there are so many more 3pp servers than 1pp servers, especially considering that 1pp players dislike playing 3pp far more than vice versa. Can the ratio of server types at least be a bit closer to 50/50?


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Un1d created this task.May 24 2022, 2:25 PM