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Houston we have a problem!
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I am having this ridiculous issue where i cannot load into servers that i used to have no issue loading into and playing.
Being a absolute novice to PC and only recently switched to this amazing platform i have no idea whats wrong. All i can do is describe what happens. So here goes.

  1. Firstly it now takes like 3 times longer to load into servers than before. And upon initial startup or load in process i see a glitch in the video format that never used to happen. sometimes i need to tab back to a other screen and tab back to the game in order for it to reset itself to normal.
  2. Once it goes into normal load in screen it does its countdown as normal and then it goes into another loading screen and then boots me back to the server menu screen. It sometimes also gives me this status access violation error as well.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

all i need to reproduce this is to load into some servers.

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Hello MayorOfYourMomsHouse.
Are you running any mods? If so, have you tried to unsubscribe from the mods, verify the game data and run a vanilla version of the game?