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Short and long range radio are on same default frequency despite setting showing otherwise
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A friend and I were conducting some testing surrounding short range and long range radio and we both experienced this issue.

Short range radio default frequency is 38 Mhz.

Long range radio from picked up from arsenal default frequency is 48 Mhz.

If 1 user turns OFF the long range radio and the other user transmits over the long range radio, they will still receive the traffic if there short range radio is on despite the difference in frequency. (This also works vice versa if you speak over short wave and only have long radio on)

If both users switch the frequencies away from the default configuration then the radio's work as you would expect them to where you cannot hear the traffic when it's turned off.


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Acquire 2 players with long range radio backpacks and a short range radio.
Leave them on the default radio frequencies
Get 1 player to turn off long range radio (or short range)
Get the other player to transmit on the radio that the other player has turned off
The player that has turned off the radio will still receive the radio traffic

Additional Information

This issues was experienced whilst running a dedicated server on 1 of the players machines in the Game master default mission mode.

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lipek added a subscriber: lipek.May 24 2022, 11:35 AM

As far as I know, short range radios are dual band radios. They receive and transmit on a set frequency (38 MHz in your case) and they always receive the default HQ frequency (48 MHz). This way every soldier can hear HQ messages having only his team's radio.

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