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List of bugs I have encountered post update
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Luckily, I have been able to get a few prolonged play sessions post update
The actual gameplay and gameplay loop is very fun and immersive, however, there are some serious repeating bugs:

  1. Currently, I can only join 32 player lobbies, all the 32 player lobbies I have join are unmodded. Anything above 32 players will not allow me to connect
  2. I have had more luck connecting and playing on privately owned servers, official 32 player servers will disconnect me after being in the server for around 2 mins. This persists across multiple official servers
  3. Every time I get to play in a server for a decent amount of time (30 mins to an hour), I get disconnected. Sometimes after reconnecting, I am able to continue playing for about another 30 mins to an hour, however, other times i get caught in a disconnecting loop. Within this loop, i begin to experience more bugs. Usually after connecting, few or no players will render in / be invisible, yet I can still hear them talking, shooting, and driving. This is followed by a disconnection after about a minute or 2. Restarting the game will sometimes break the disconnection loop, sometimes it doesn't, other times it results in a full game crash.
  4. There's a possibility that if you run into another players character model that you become stuck in them for a second
  5. When taking mags from the armory, the mag will change spots to a random location in the crate after each mag taken
  6. Sometimes the grenades (Soviet grenades in my experience) will bug when trying to throw one. The pin will pull but the grenade will reset to where the pin is still in and the action has to be performed again. This could be caused by pulling the pin and then sprinting, forcing it to reset but im not entirely sure on the cause for this one.
  7. Not able to bind controls to mouse buttons in the settings
  8. When sighting into the binoculars, they will zoom in above where you were actually looking, making you always have to look down to see where you were actually trying to look initially

(Not sure if these are bugs but im still going to put them here)
-You can't sprint and reload
-Impossible to find extra bandages anywhere except on dead soldiers if they hadn't used it yet
-When in the process of capturing a radio, any enemies that try to spawn on the radio spawn in a single spot allowing for the team capturing to stand next to the spawn point and repeatedly kill them before they can take control of the character model


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

All of these bugs I have experienced every time I boot up the game.

Additional Information

I'm pretty new to bug reporting so if anyone has any tips on how to improve my bug reports for the future, please feel free to let me know.

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Impossible to find extra bandages anywhere except on dead soldiers if they hadn't used it yet

There are medical boxes in HQ and harbor bases which contain bandages.

However there are no extra bandages in the ordinary bases to my knowledge.