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Please add this game to GeForceNow
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Hello, have a good day, i just asked in your discord channel that where I can ask the devs to add this game to GeForceNow like other Arma series, I know this game is in early access but there are many other games in early access and are in GeForceNow.
There are many other gamers like me who love this game and don't have a good pc, so GFN let them to buy this game and play it on GeForceNow.
Thank you so much, peace.


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xepixe added a subscriber: xepixe.May 19 2022, 3:12 PM

Upvoting, this is really needed. DayZ, Arma 3 and Arma 2 are already available on GeForce NOW so why not this game. Bohemia please enable it in Steam Cloud Play.

Only just got a graphics card myself so I know the benefits of Geforce now, Hopefully you guys have this on your roadmap.

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We would at least appreciate a response if this is being considered at all.

Could you please stop hassling them with this. It's just a technical demo, you don't have to play it, I'm sure it's gonna get it at some point. It's not a gamebreaking issue or a major feature, they have more important things to do for now

xepixe added a comment.EditedMay 23 2022, 3:58 PM

Enabling this is like clicking a captcha checkbox on a website, like seriously, not that much work is required.

Looks like the game was added by Bohemia to GeForce NOW from the begining and NVIDIA announced yesterday that it will be added to the library this month.

This task can now be closed.

Thank you.

Pi added a subscriber: Pi.Jul 7 2022, 12:49 PM

@xepixe Any chance you have the announcement at hand that mentions Reforger?

Pi added a comment.Jul 7 2022, 2:10 PM

Nvm found it

And coming this July:

Arma Reforger (Steam)


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