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Unable to interact with inventory or world items
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I am unable to interact with my inventory or any world item (picking an item (hand or direct drag into inventory) or dropping on the floor the one I am holding)

Version / platform: PC, windowed mod, 1.17.154754


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Melee a zombie with a pickaxe, and spam opening/closing the inventory. This nearly always happen after a melee fight using dual handed weapons (pickaxe or sledgehammer).

Additional Information

For me this looks like an animation client/server desync due to animation cancel client side. Maybe it is the same issue as the sneaky zombie kill not working issue: when you go behind a zombie by crouch-sprinting and try the sneaky kill animation right when you are behind, before the sprinting ends (character is not fully stopped), and the client stab animation shows up (only the view animation is playing, the hand+weapon first person models are not displayed) but nothing happens beside the zombie noticing you. On my side, I am now always ensuring my character as stopped behind a zombie, that I see my knife in combat stance (right click on hold), and then it works consistently. That stab bug can be consistently reproduced

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Ahalgo created this task.May 5 2022, 9:39 AM
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Hello Ahalgo.
Do you experience this issue on every server that you join or is this issue limited to only specific servers? Are you using wired or wi-fi connection? And can you try on a different network to see if the problem lies within your network?

Ahalgo added a comment.May 8 2022, 7:41 PM


It happened on every server I played so far (they are all vanilla). I am using a direct ethernet connexion toward the internet box, which is then using an optical connexion.
I will try to reproduce it on my side and get a record for you.

Ahalgo added a comment.EditedMay 11 2022, 9:01 AM

Here we go, I got 9 recordings: (3p server, official, DayzNL 3664698,, around 9am CET. In game nickname: Survivor)

  1. Me grabbing a pickaxe and killing a zombie, I can put it back in my back next but it is impossible for me to get anything else into my hand. The hotkeys are not working either (no feedback at all)
  2. Some inventory testing (drag and drops), you can notice that the first drag you see the item being dragged, and then nothing (just like if it was already in my hand). If I select an other item I see the icon being dragged again.
  3. Dropping items but the pickaxe on the floor (only item it doesn't works with), and double clicking to put it back works (I can drag to the inventory fine too)
  4. Testing the "move to hand" action with a floor item
  5. Testing the "dance" animation to see (in vain, it bugs even more). Trying an other animation via the menu doesn't work anymore (see video n'6)
  6. Clicking the "exit" menu button to force the "sit straight" animation that I can't select manually,. and canceling it. It didn't changed anything, I am still in that buggy moving state. I also can't open my inventory anymore at all.
  7. Testing other animations to see if it is only a single one, or all of them (it's all of them)
  8. After using "take" on a floor item, I am able to move again and open my inventory. Back to where I was at the video 1.
  9. When I logged back in, pickaxe in hand

Everything is fixed if I log out and back in again.

Two more recordings from a community 1p vanilla server:

An other recording from NY 6053 (1pp), with a kitchen knife:

Edit: Since I am playing on a desktop, I am not able to test on an other network. (I am the only one on it)

A small update, this inventory issue (your active "hand" slot is locked and you can't do anything) can be fixed if a friend tie you up with a rope and take the item he is seing you holding to put it on the floor. After what it is working again (you can untie yourself and grab it back, and use it with no issues).

I know this might not be an easy bug to reproduce nor fix, but it has a pretty high impact on the gameplay, especially if you are forced to logout after bleeding, or if the server is full and forces you to sit back in queue.
I really hope the developers can find out what is causing this and find a good fix.