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stealth balance issues
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it seems to me that there is a bit of an oversite in how the stealth has been implemented for the helicopters. the ah-99 blackfoot to me should have 2 different stealth values, one for when the weapon bay is closed, and another for when its deployed. perhaps the closed door state should be 0.65, giving a user the slight advantage of better stealth when the missile doors are shut. matter of fact, why not make that a detractor for landing gear as well? there isnt a point in putting the landing gear away on any of the helicopters that have them as game logic currently doesnt make the craft more stealthy. imo it could go either way for stealthy langing gear, whether make it a bonus for stealth when you shut gear of 0.65, or make it so that when the gear are open that the craft has a stealth rating of 0.75. (all these numbers are under the assumption of the ghost hawks 0.7 rating for stealth) lastly, the mq-12 falcon is just a travesty: it has the same exact stealth characteristics as the ghost hawk, blackfoot, and pawnee, while being physically smaller than the 2 sleath-intentioned helicopters, while being virtually identical in size to the pawnee, which has no considerations for stealth other than size. in my head, the mq-12 falcon should at least be around 0.6 for stealth, due to its small size and stealthy chassis design.


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reproducibility isnt really applicable here, as its just a numbers/balance tweak.

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maybe this was something that the design team saw and had a good answer for why they chose to have the values they do, but i see no logic in deploying an mq-12 in any combat scenario when the blackfoot carries more ordinance and is just as stealthy, or the pawnee which, again, more guns and more stealth.

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