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No Z spawns via CE on specific locations on Deerisle map
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Via CE Editor i placed a few Z spawns on "Alcatraz Island" (on my Deerisle Map).

I placed Dynamics and Static ones.

Problem: No single Z spawns there.

To give it a further test, if max limit was just hit, so i removed 80% of all other Z spawns on Deerisle.

Still no single Z Spawns on Alcatraz.

Additional Info: Deerisle map is at 16384x16384

Alcatraz Island is located at about: 15757x4824

On the attached screenshot

  1. you see (with enabled ESP) no single Z on that island - Even NO Zs on the dynamic HeliCrash.
  1. the reduced zombie_territories.xml, with the marked Z Spawns on that problematic Island

Seems the engine avoids spawning anything on that particular location.


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Windows 7
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JohnMcLane edited Additional Information. (Show Details)Apr 20 2022, 8:38 AM

hello, try to set the smin and smax to 0, I had the same problem on Amas, and this is how I solved the problem

Unfortunately does not help. Not using smin/smax -> Problem still exists. No Zs.

Is it possible then that the problem comes from the navmesh?

Dont know - maybe - unfortunately we dont have tools to debug navmesh.

The only thing i can say is, when i place a Z manually, it "seems" to run after the player the correct way.

if the Z "seems" to be chasing the player correctly, then it's not coming from the navmesh. i'm afraid i can't help you much more.