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Outhouses have no doors.
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Unless the people of Chernarus had some very unusual customs, the fact the outhouses lack doors is weird. The outhouses had working (animated) doors in 0.62, have they just been forgotten is there a reason they were removed?

Also, it would be a nice detail if the water pump animation could come back (with a suitably creaky sound effect...)



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Beavis created this task.Apr 19 2022, 9:38 AM
Beavis changed Operating System from Windows 7 to Windows 10 x64.Jun 8 2022, 5:33 PM
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I could see it possibly caused performance issues.

But please. Playing 62 couple months ago I loved both of these features!!!

Such simple things like this added a lot to the game for me.

Beavis added a comment.EditedJun 8 2022, 7:29 PM

I doubt the outhouse doors have any measurable impact on server performance - if so, filling the giant apartment complexes with working doors despite the buildings having zero loot spawns would make absolutely no sense... (There were no working doors in those in 0.62)

I can imagine there were clipping problems with characters standing inside and closing the doors, maybe that had something to do with it. The pump handle is likely just forgotten...

or green towers lacking spawns...

Totally agree. There are so many places that make no sense.

The plastic porta potty at military and carnival sites still has a working door, but sadly I think no loot spawns there. =( I agree the outhouse should have a door, and also there's way too many doors in the apartments. I wish that some basic loot could be added to the apartments (even just generic civilian loot and a few basic food items), maybe specific only to the apartments to make it easier to balance. The apartments are such a huge space in the maps, and are great for pvp but no one really goes there (maybe just for base building).

Also the small map features are great like the pump handle animation, creaking outhouse door, the squeaky carnival swing ride, would be great to get more of these.