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Field shovel burying bug (stable branch)
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  1. There is a buried Wooden Crate underground, which I buried earlier.
  2. When pointing the center dot on the pile of dirt, there reads: "[+] PILE OF DIRT" and below it "Bury [HOLD]" which is unnatural.
  3. --> But no option to dig up the crate with Field shovel (Earlier today I was able to dig and bury things normally using standard Shovel.)
  4. Instead, the game offers you to bury the already existing pile of dirt AGAIN. xD
  5. And if you successfully bury the "pile of dirt", (as crazy as it sounds) there reads: "[+]PILE OF DIRT".
  6. Now, I don't know what happens next once I find a standard Shovel and try to dig up a pile of dirt containing another pile of dirt.

What I mean is I want my items back that are in the Wooden Crate.

Also a question:
-How long does it take for items to disappear if they are buried? Don't know what information is valid as of 24.3.2022.


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Windows 10
Game Physics
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What you need to do is to make the field shovel be able to dig up buried dirt piles and not bury buried piles. xDD

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Hello Hensson.
Is this on a modded server? Since the field shovel should not spawn on the official/vanilla servers at this moment.

This is a modded server:

Server name: #1 The Saviors Vanilla | More Loot | No Mods | Active Admins
Server version: 1.16.154567
Required game version: 1.16.0

Map: Chernarusplus
Mission: DayZ
Players: 37/80

Also please make standard shovel repairable, please. =)

Geez changed the task status from Need More Info to Reviewed.Apr 5 2022, 10:46 AM

Hello Hensson.
Since this is occurring on a modded server with an item which is not meant to be spawning in the vanilla game, we believe the dirt pile issue stems from that.