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OH-6 explodes randomly when touchdown
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When using the Advanced Flight Model in the OH-6 helicopter, sometimes it explodes on touchdown, no matter how sweet and nice you do it.
It happens with or without extra addons (CBA, ACE...).
I have experienced it in airport taxi ways and runways. Don´t know if it happens in every terrain.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Advanced Flight Model
Steps To Reproduce

Just create a scenario with an OH-6 and do some hover exercises lifting and touching down several times. It shouldn´t take long to appear.
There seem to be some places where it´s easier to see it happen: Around the runway number in runway 09 of Pleiku base, for example.

Additional Information

I have recorded 2 videos to show the problem.
The first one is just a compilation of 7 explosions so you can see what I am talking about and see it´s not because of me being aggressive on touchdowns:

The second one is a 30 minutes video showing the raw process of making the scenario and testing several lifts and touchdowns until it happens. At the end of the video I show I had no external addons loaded. Just the SOG mod:

Event Timeline

I have made some more tests to try to help you with the diagnosis.
Please have in mind you have to be very patient to reproduce it. 90% of the time everything goes well, and then it happens. Sometimes it happens the first time you touchdown, sometimes it takes 30 minutes and dozens of touchdowns to see it happen.
I have spent more than one hour testing the helicopter in different terrains, and I have managed to see it happen in Gia Lam airbase (Cam Lao Nam), in the Altis airport, and in Tanoa. When in Tanoa, it happened on grass terrain.
So it doesn´t seem to depend on the type of terrain or the scenario. I would say it´s the helicopter itself.

Here are the results of my tests:

By the way: When you see me lift my arms, it´s just my reaction because the sudden explosion scares me ^_^