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Cannot move left/right while dragging/dropping in inventory using D-pad
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Well done for fixing the dpad issue you caused with last update. Bad enough that i have to unlearn muscle memory to use the dapd after only ever using left analogue stick to navigate inventory prior, but hey ho there's some tricks left in this old dog yet.

Just booted up again looking to enjoy a play session after doing cold turkey due to your last cockup. Time to test try out the hotfix. Funnily enough the only thing on my mind while loading was 'wonder what they'll have broken now?'.

Sure enough your sh!tfix has broken something else. Now we can no longer move left and right in inventory whilst using the dpad in combination with X button, rendering drag/drop inoperable. Well done.

Obviously this cannot be intentional. Hard to believe you don't have anyone testing these things before you deploy them! Took me all of 30 seconds to spot this foul up.

Also while you are at it, why would anyone in their right mind think it a good idea to apply character movement to the left analogue stick while in inventory but also have it move the inventory cursor at the same time?

This game is a total mess since the 1.16 update, an update that literally wouldn't have been missed by anyone if it didn't happen, let alone if you had just waited a few weeks to iron out all the silly's you included with it (the worse of which you even knew about before forcing it upon us!).

Please repair this as quickly as possible... and test your updates properly. Thanks.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

highlight item in inventory, click and hold x button, then try to move left/right using Dpad

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Hello lemmac.
If this concerns only moving items in your inventory from left to right, then this is a feature we never really have implemented and it has not been intended to work this way. If there was a version on which you were able to move the items like this, then it was most likely a bug, as this was never an intended feature.

It's not resolved at all. A directional button that used to work in all directions now only works in two directions. Obviously it wasn't a bug all these years because no one ever complained about a directional stick being able to navigate in all directions. Please stop making lame excuses and look into fixing it, back to as it always has worked.

This is important in circumstances like dragging/dropping food on a fire, where you have multiple slots and have to move left and right to drop food into them. Or when you have 2 or more weapons that take the same attachment and the equip button in inventory will equip it to the wrong weapon and always the one that is not in your hand (why can't weapon in hand be the default goto?) at the time when you go to equip the attachment. Meaning you have to manually drag the attachment to the correct slot on the weapon that you want it on, requiring moving left and right.

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Can you please provide us with a video with commentary/repro steps of the issue you are experiencing? Because we do not experience the behaviour you describe in your latest comment.