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Suggestion- better controls for combo locks.
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You should make it so when I’m unlocking a combo lock I can hold the A button to make the number go down and hold RT to make the number go up. ..or also LT could make the number go down if held, and if pressed it would move to left.

it would be a little more realistic and also make unlocking combo locks easier.


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lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Mar 3 2022, 10:17 PM

Just make it so you can remember the damned number and open the lock in a single click. Realism be damned, this is a game and nothing in it is the slightest bit realistic.

I do remember the number.. it’s the time I spend unlocking.. and I’m saying if I can save 5 seconds every time then (potentially) a thousand times then that’s a lot of time saved.. and this game is aimed at realism… being able to change the lock not only right and up but also left and down would make it SEEM more realistic. .. I obviously understand that DayZ is a video game.

I'm not saying YOU personally must remember the number. I'm saying the player avatar/game should remember the number once a lock has been set or unlocked for the first time, prompting an auto unlock option every time you want to open the lock from then on, making gate traversal quick and easy without need for fiddly controls each and every time ;)

i wish or make it so the DPAD can be used to switch from left - right and up/down changing numbers whilst the prompt is visible

This!! A better combo lock UI would be wonderful.