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Sickness with symptoms will not pass with tetracyclin
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On the PC version 1.15.154355 I am sick from something that I could not heal.
Symptoms are: Virus like disease indicator, pain sound with blurry screen but no health loss and have to eat or drink in small amounts to avoid vomiting.
Since symptoms are similar to the infection disease and I can't disinfect or bandage the wound I took 15 tetracycline pills (one after the previous wears out) and nothing happens.
This is now for over 4 hours real time.
I suspect it is a bug in the infection script, since most of the symptoms are similar to the stage 1 and stage 2 of this disease.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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I got this, most likely, either from eating with bloody hands or bandaging a wound with no disinfected since both happened in the same period before getting sick.
1-Ate with bloody hands
2-Got hit by multiple Zombies
3-Bandaged with NON disinfected bandage
4-Got sick and initiated tetracycline treatment only 1 hour later (could not disinfect with Alcoholic Tincture or Disinfectant Spray)

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Hello warhammer.
It appears that your character has caught salmonella and you have used the wrong medication. In order to cure salmonella you need to use charcoal tabs.

Did not know that Salmonella made the screen for blurry from time to time. Thanks for the information and sorry for the misreport

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Salmonella has no screen blur.
But wound infection has no vomitting.
So maybe you got both? But something is definetly odd.

Did you try to relog?

Yes I did relog at least 4 times.
I also thought would be both but why the screen blur with no health loss right?

Sry I was wrong, salmonella has blurred vision. So could you cure it with charcoal?