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Arma Graphical issues. (Fixed, updated graphics driver lol, sorry.)
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Seemingly when under any sudo heavy load, arma's graphics begin to unload and reload all nearby assets(see image attatched)

, resulting in low framerate, low poly assets. This started occuring after I reinstalled arma to an SSD. It hasnt done things like this before, was was functioning fine initially after installing it to the SSD. This sometimes results in a 0x005 STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error. Note this issue happens on vanilla and modded, but is much more prominent when using mods.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Loading into something with a high load, such as combat or having a high ammount of units in an area, causes it to do these things. It seems to not happen for other people.

Additional Information

Additional system info incase is nessisarry, note I am using a laptop:
Intel Core(TM) i7-8750H (2.20 GHz, 6 core.)
2667 MHz single channel ram
MX500 2tb (drive arma is installed to)

Current attempts to fix issue:
Change memory allocator to system
Ensure Arma files are not "read only"
Reinstall Arma
Reinstall Mods
Use 32bit version
Use performance build (helped slightly, but in the end results in the same issues.)

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