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[Jets DLC] Tailhook up when landing and no Freedom nearby (BIS_fnc_aircraftTailhook)
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When an aircraft utilizes for compatibility with the Freedom and lands on a carrier which is not the Freedom (e.g. mods Nimitz and Bon Homme Richard), the tailhook is auto-raised.

This leads to a less good player experience using modded aircraft carriers, in particular this will lead to the plane going overboard when the proper full military power throttle setting is applied upon landing.

Here a part of the script BIS_fnc_aircraftTailhook:

#define EXIT_CODE        {_plane animate [_x,_planeHookUpAnimState];} forEach _planeHookAnimList;_plane SetUserMFDvalue [4,0];

private _hookAnim = _planeHookAnimList param [0,"",[""]];
waitUntil{!alive _plane || {_plane animationphase _hookAnim == _planeHookUpAnimState || {getPos _plane select 2 < 1}}};
if (!alive _plane || getPos _plane select 2 > 1) exitWith {EXIT_CODE};
private _objects = _plane nearObjects [_carrierPart, 150]; if (count _objects == 0) exitWith {EXIT_CODE};

The EXIT_CODE raises the tailhook if no Freedom is around (_carrierPart).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Land a plane (F/A-181 from Jets DLC for example) with tailhook down on the Nimitz or Bon Homme Richard
  2. watch the tailhook raised as soon as the plane height is lower than 1 meter above deck
  3. any grappling script may abort
Additional Information

Many modded and the F/A-181 Jets DLC plane utilize bis_fnc_aircraftTailhook to be compatible with Freedom. Would be nice if the script can be enhanced to work with Nimitz and Bon Homme Richard too.

I've changed the EXIT_CODE macro to simply log and the tailhook works with Nimitz and Bon Homme Richard then.

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