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Login failed: Unable to connect to Bohemia Interactive servers. [0x2002]
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Login failed: Unable to connect to Bohemia Interactive servers. [0x2002]

In Argo, players can not login or even play as guest.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 11 Pro version: 21H2 Build: 22000.348
Game Profiles
Steps To Reproduce
1 Open argo.exe or argo_x64.exe
2 Login

returns the message

Unable to connect to Bohemia Interactive servers. [0x2002]
Additional Information

I am posting this here because I do not believe anyone from Bohemia even looks at the official argo forums

I know that Argo is no longer officially supported, I'm ok with that. What I and others are not ok with is we can't even play on our own servers, or even a LAN game. Without the master bohemia login server, you are essentially locking us out of the game. I did pay for the Argo supporters pack, but now I'm not sure I would get ARMA3 now, because at what time are you just going to, without notice, just lock us out again?

Even Epic Games still has the Unreal Tournament master browser to this day still up and running. This is a game that was released in 1999!! 22 years and they still allow players to play the game.

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idriss added a subscriber: idriss.Dec 10 2021, 4:14 PM

Приветствую тебя мой друг , мои поиски решения проблемы привели меня сюда ... я очень любил играть в арго в межвахтовом отпуске , я так снимал стресс ... печально что я не могу поиграть из-за 0X2002 ! C7КИ 6Лять Е6аHbIе

@Snake-Plissken @idriss Hello, first of all sorry to hear about Argo.
Bohemia has made a statement about the Closure here: