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Not being able to find servers through the launcher
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There have been multiple reports of players not being able to see some servers when searching for a name or IP on the launcher. I have asked if they use any 3rd party launcher and they do not have it installed. The server search stops at around 2000-3000 (according to top right indicator) and nothing else shows up.
Some players manage to fix the issue by restarting steam or computer, others have to reinstall the game completely in order to see most servers. I have noticed that for a total search you need to have 8000+ searches.

I do not know what the cause of the issue can be yet but I will ask around.

Not sure if I can also ask this, but are there any plans on improving search times on the launcher? There is a crazy amount of players that use 3rd party launchers because they search faster but then get lots of issues with mods and updates in general. I would love to see the launcher get faster.



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Windows 10
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Search for a server or just do a blank search on the community tab.

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NAyRAM created this task.Nov 24 2021, 10:12 PM
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I've had this also.

It seems to be related to the speed of the search, because if I limit steam to 2mbps, the search goes from ~3k to over 7000.

Sometimes it even knocks steam offline if I don't have steam limited to 2mbps.
I've also known it to stop Discord responding on my PC, and stop a YouTube video from playing, till it stops searching.

I've wondered how the list works. Does my computer ping each server to see if it's live? If so, that's a lot of requests in a short timeframe, and may even look like a DDOS to my router.

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