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medicine doesnt work after drinking bad water
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Two last times when i have drank not clean water i got sick and no medicine could not cure me.
I tested out all available pills. At least 5+ of them consuming same type in a row after waiting the pill sign to wear off and then used next same type right after.
First time few weeks ago i just sat for days near well eating, drinking very slowly to avoid vommiting and consuming pills. Did not wear off althou water and food consumption went into insane level.
Second time i just misclicked once with waterbottle that i had picked up when i tried to poor it down, so it just took a tiny sip... instantly sick. wtf! And it has been uncurable with different tablets so far.
That is a bit over the top to get sick so easy and then die from drinking bad water, dont you think?
Fix the bug and add some lower getting sick chance % value. Tnx


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Windows 10 x64

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Hello obj268.
When you got first infected, upon the infection, did you drink from any waterbottle upon taking the pills and have you kept using that waterbottle? As when you are sick, you can contaminate the water bottle and it possibly could result in re-infecting yourself if you have not purified or cleaned the bottle again.


I probably drank from the same water bottle indeed after it was emnptied and put clean water in.
Dont you think its bit over the top?
In reallity there might be a slim chance to infect someone with your water bottle when you have some sickness, but your own process of getting well is not really affected by the bottle, because the consentration of bacteria/virus is so low in there, that it makes no difference.