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The Stance Indicator does not have a sitting position icon
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The stance indicator does not have a sitting position icon, what can be confusing for the player sitting on the butt, for example, when player in dense grass and when he watched the enemy for a long time and forgot that he had moved to a sitting position. As a result, the player can be sure, that after his shot, he will be able to crawl away in order to hide from return fire, but instead, such a player will receive a bullet in the head, since he will not be able to crawl, huddled to the ground.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce

Use Ctrl + S if you are standing or Ctrl + W if you are lying down and watch the icon when the player's character sits on his ass.
The icon will not match his position when he is sitting.

The expected solution - is to add a seated position icon so as not to mislead the player sitting in the thick grass arreas.

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