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Western Sahara feature request-- CDLC vs base game expansion
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This is just a piece of feedback on the Western Sahara DLC, but I feel it mainly resides on the Bohemia side rather than the Rotators Collective side.

I think this DLC as a whole is great! I would only change one single thing: this content really screams to be made part of a base game expansion. It's great that WS has all these new assets and gear and vehicles, but since it meshes so well with the base game, I really just want to be able to play using this gear in. say, public Zeus servers on Altis, like I can with the other base game expansions. I would be happy to see WS turn into something like Contact, where the guns, equipment, vehicles and map are playable within the base game but are still behind a paywall as other expansion content is.

I understand having the CDLC mentality with GM, CSLA, and SOGPF, since those DLCs changed the game significantly and also departed significantly from the setting of the base game, but since WS is simply an extension of the 2030s narrative that fits right in to the base Arma 3 game, I feel that it detracts from the enjoyment to have this stuff separated out.

Of course, it may have been the plan all along to develop an accompanying expansion-- if so, great! Do that. Otherwise, I don't know if there are hurdles to doing this with a third-party DLC that differ from doing so with an in-house expansion. It might be impractical, for all I know... but I really hope it happens.


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Agreed, this CDLC should be integrated into the main game the same way the Contact DLC is. Perhaps include an updated version of the Takistan, Zargabad & Proving Ground maps along side.

I'd even go so far as to suggest all the CDLC in some form or other, in particular GlobMob as there's rarely any activity on those official servers, and the lack of admin controls make it tricky to manage.