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Map Editing Possibilities for DayZ on Console
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Heyo, I'm a map editor for DayZ on PC, I use Inclement Dabs "DayZ Editor" to create customised areas for PC servers. Recently with 1.15 there was some changes to the console server configs that will allow for some more custom objects to be placed on there. However the amount of objects that can be placed is very very small... With the DayZ editor, they use a mod called "Builder Items" , this mod basically creates versions of every object from chernarus that can be placed and loaded onto a live server. Without this mod, the editing capabilities for console are VERY limited, there are no basic walls or fences, barely any decorative items or anything like that, its just pretty much the basic buildings and stuff like that. What I would LOVE to see is if you guys could make your own response to the "builder items" mod. Give us an official way to place more of the objects from chernarus on the map instead of having it be limited to only a handful.... This way we can make some really cool and unique places for the console people and really bring some light over there. This would be such a huge improvement, I really hope you guys take this up.


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