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Dayz Suggestion-Add Rain Water Collector
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Adding a rain water collector to the game is long over due. Rain water collectors are added in other survival games so I don't see why this item has not been created and added to the game yet. Collecting rain water is probably one of the oldest and most common ways to get water in a survival situation. This can be done by cutting a plastic bottle in half to make a fish trap or a rain water collector. Also, maybe even being able to convert barrels or gasoline containers into water collectors would be nice using a knife or saw.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  • Add craftable rain water collector to game

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Flamberg added a subscriber: Flamberg.EditedOct 28 2021, 4:37 PM

@luckydog2128, barrels already collect rain water. But I agree that there should be more ways to collect it.

There used to be a mod that let players collect rain in their canteen/bottles. (probably still works, just haven't seen it on a server in over a year now)
In project zomboid you could craft rain collectors.

would be cool if there were more types of barrels with the purpose of holding water.

It would take some work to build the mechanic, but homes already have gutters, could add connection points that multiply rain collection, or the ability to raise a tarp that traps water funneled to the barrel.

Industrial IBC totes - Need a truck to move
Blue Plastic Barrels - lighter than metal barrels, Can only hold liquids/items, can't be used for cooking.
Crafted totes - Planks + plastic bags