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Players unable to be seen outside of vehicles or permanently stuck inside.
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At a random point when playing with friends, doing missions all of a sudden this bug appeared. At first, no players could exit any vehicle and the only way out was death. The players would show as (animation wise) being out of the vehicles, standing up on the bench of helicopters, crouching in the driver seat of trucks etc.

Screenshots use CUP and RHS but bug persists without.
. However there are also times where they can get in and out of the vehicles on their screen, but on the servers side and most other players screens (most because sometimes other people can see other people normally for some reason). Because of this the player in question can preform any normal action, shooting, grenades, healing, whatever and those actions affect other players. The player that is bugged is invisible and can go around killing all other players being unseen. The people that are bugged can be killed by shooting them where they are on anyone elses client, usually in the vehicle they got in.
It seems to be at random whether or not the person gets stuck or can get out of the vehicle.
What makes this weirder is that I am unaffected, with people seeing me entering and exiting vehicles when I am hosting. Also tried with different people hosting the server with the same bug.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Build 19041
Steps To Reproduce

For us;

    • Someone gets in a vehicle
    • They try to exit, at which point they *Get stuck and cannot leave *Enter the bugged state mentioned above
  • Killing the player and having them respawn fixes the bug until they get back in a vehicle
Additional Information

Tried with lots of mods and testing around with them and it seems it has no affect.
Tried on a lan server with just myself and the bug was not present.
The bug started 3 days ago.
I tried hosting on a dedicated server (upnp) and still have the same problem.
Happy to supply any more information if wanted

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I've seen this as what I cal the "ace unconscious bug"
sometimes when you get unconscious in ACE and wake up again, you are desynced for some players.
Some very few players, usually only one or two will see your body still laying on the ground unconscious, while you can run around just fine, and you are also fine for most players.

This is usually fixed by making the affected player unconscious and waking them up again.

I will see if I can implement some diagnostics that will let you dump some useful information for me.
But earliest mid next week