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Cant Join a server
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I always get kicked from the a server when i try to load in. It counts down the timer and goes into the loading screen, it loads half and then kicks me. I either get one of those 2 messages. I tried to reinstall the game but it still wont work. It always downloads the same thing when i try to repair the files via steam. (Its a lightly modded server)


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I have seen this issue on many servers, including completely vanilla ones. It does not happen all the time but there is always people having those messages even tho the server is up and running with lots of players already on it. Usually verifying game files helps but sometimes it does and it ends up fixing itself after a while.


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Hello Drumroll.
Are you experiencing this problem only on a specific server or do you experience this on several servers?


I experience that problem on several servers.

Fegel added a subscriber: Fegel.Oct 18 2021, 10:22 PM

This also happens to me on varying servers. What I usually do before I launch the game is go where the DayZ is installed, open the BattlEye folder and run the BEService executable. After that, I start the game, join the queue, click leave, then connect to the server again without quitting the game. I've done this the last two times I played and it seemed to connect with no issue.

Another thing to mention is that this never happens after I've been connected to a server and I get kicked at the server restart, but only when I launch the game for the first time.

There must be another solution than that. Like not even a reinstall fixes that bug

Alright i think i fixed the bug! I just moved my game from my HDD to my SSD and that kinda fixed it. not sure what was wrong with it

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