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Dedicated Server: 2.06.148221 "Added: Ability to place Eden Editor compositions (local and Steam Workshop) in Zeus" Only working after jumping through a bunch of hoops
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I'm having problems getting the added ability to work 100% of the time.
It works if I host a Server (via the game -> Host Server) but not on a dedicated server.

Edit: Looks like the compositions on the hosted server are Zeus compositions and not Eden ones.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce

1: Start Arma 3 (Modded but that shouldn't be the problem - see "Additional Information")
2: Enter Eden Editor
3: Create Eden Composition.
4: Launch dedicated server
5: Enter server and assume Zeus
6: see "custom" in Groups -> Compositions Tab (F2) but be unable to place the objects (nothing happens except for a short flick in the Edit list)(These seem to be Zeus Compositions, the Eden composition tabs are missing entirely in this case).

Additional Information

Workaround (This is guesswork and only works 50% of the time):
1: Start Arma 3 (Modded)
2: Enter Eden Editor
3: Place compositions that have been uploaded to the workshop (I had to subscribe to get my own in that tab)
4: Leave Eden Editor go to Multiplayer and join dedicated server
5: Hope to see two Custom tabs in the Groups -> Composition window.
6: Be able to place the compositions.

See screenshot below.
The last two categories only appear after the workaround.
I do believe that the top compositions are "Zeus" compositions, but I'm not sure any more.

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It may not work if the used addons are not properly whitelisted on the zeus module that you are using.

If you have debug console access, try executing this on server

_addons = ("true" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgPatches")) apply {configName _x};
_x addCuratorAddons_addons ;
} forEach allCurators;

and after that try if the compositions work now.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Assuming I input it in the right location (see screenshot) and after pressing on "Server EXEC" it did not change anything,

There's still only part of the "Steam subscribed content" and only the, what I think are, Zeus compositions which can't be placed on the map.