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Custom events causes server crashes
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Since 1.14 dropped for dayz, I have been having significant issues with my Xbox deathmatch server crashing. After a month long back and forth with Nitrado, they have finally told me that it is an issue with the custom events I have in the server.
Since you do not allow for console owners to use the init.c files, I have to use the events.xml and cfgeventspawns.xml files to spawn custom buildings in the server. Said buildings are causing restart crashes/loops at an unbelieveable rate.
If I am paying for a server to use for your game, I’m expecting to be able to use more assets than what the vanilla game has to offer.

Listed below is what nitrado game services asked me to post with my issue.

This error is found in my .RPT logs

Mods: Bliss
Version 1.14.154243
Fault address: 2B520988 00:2B520988 Unknown module
file: dayzOffline
world: chernarusplus
Prev. code bytes: CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC 48 85 D2 75 03 33 C0 C3

Fault code bytes: 8B 52 34 E9 60 00 00 00 48 89 5C 24 08 57 48 83

note: Minidump has been generated into the file C:\SERVICES\ni2938061_2_local\dayzxb/config\DayZServer_X1_x64_2021-10-15_20-53-40_2021-10-15_20-55-40.mdmp​


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Startup
Steps To Reproduce

Having additional in game building assets spawning in via events.xml and cfgeventspawns.xml

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Hello JillyBones.
Please upload the DayZServer_X1_x64_2021-10-15_20-53-40_2021-10-15_20-55-40.mdmp​ file.

Unfortunately, I didn't download that exact file. Here is a file from today where the same thing has been happening.

Geez added a comment.Oct 21 2021, 3:16 PM

Hello JillyBones.
We require the .mdmp files to analyse any possible crashes, unfortunately, the RPT files do not provide us with enough information.

I don't have access to the mdmp files. This is an xbox server ran with nitrado's hosting services, and they don’t let us use a 10th of what we could potentially use on PC.

Is there some other way I can run the data to you?

Geez changed the task status from Need More Info to Reviewed.Oct 25 2021, 10:23 AM

Hello JillyBones.
We will request the dump through Nitrado to take a look.
However, spawning buildings as events through .xml file as an event is not a valid approach. We cannot guarantee server stability when there are buildings being spawned like this. We are looking into providing more optimal solution for the future versions though.

My server had no issues spawning buildings thorough events.xml until the 1.14 update was pushed out, and I have had my server built as is with said buildings since 1.07 or 1.08.
Please let me know what may be happening with the server outside of that, because i have never had such a server debilitating issue since this most resent update.