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Default loadouts no longer showing up in "loadouts" module in zeus
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The zeus loadouts module no longer works in a multiplayer scenario I created last update. I tested on the legacy branch and was able to see the the default loadouts. However on the latest version no loadouts will will show up save for those that I have made and saved myself. I've attached screenshots of the difference between the legacy and current build{F2522726}


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Jaxx300 created this task.Tue, Oct 12, 6:37 AM
Jaxx300 renamed this task from Default loadouts no longer showing up in "loadouts" module in zues to Default loadouts no longer showing up in "loadouts" module in zeus.Tue, Oct 12, 6:39 AM

i can confirm this is an issue, as i am also unable to use the Loadouts module.

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Wasn't able to reproduce this on Main build 2.06.148221.
Have you tried if you have the same bug on a new scenario? is it all your old scenarios or just this specific one?
Could you attach your RTP file that should give us more information about what might be going on and how te repro it.

Jaxx300 added a comment.EditedWed, Oct 13, 11:21 AM

added an rpt file and created a new very basic mp mission and ran into the same problem just added a playable character in the 3d editor and a game master module owned by that character. can confirm I'm on version 2.06.148221{F2523703}

might be worth noting that I don't have the same issue in the base game 48+2 scenario on Altis. Just not sure why I've lost this functionality in my zeus missions between this update and the last