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Civilian items should not be spawning at the static contamination zones (1.14 Experimental)
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On the public experimental servers, my friend and I assembled all the necessary equipment to enter and loot the static contamination zones. When we went to the crashed ship in Rify, the only gear we came out with was an AK74U, M4, and some attachments. It is so anticlimactic to dedicate so much time and energy to get all the necessary equipment to go to such places, only to find some dress clothes, a pair of sneakers, and some compasses in a place that should be spawning the best loot in the entire game.

The loot spawning in the new zones should only be military gear and the quantity of items should be considerable buffed, otherwise there really isn't a good reason to travel to these static contamination zones. I also suggest making Tisy a static zone as well (looking back at the 2015 concept art for Tisy, it was originally supposed to be the first contamination zone)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Go on a public experimental server and loot the static contamination zone at Rify.

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