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Dynamic Contaminated Zones Feedback [1.14]
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I have some hours in the new experimental and I feel like the dynamic zones are just places that people avoid and skip to the next town because few people have full NBC gear with gas mask, and there is no real advantage on going into them.

Since start of experimental dynamic zones just feel like a road block that doesnt really drive interesting interactions with other players or the enviroment.

My suggestion is to make the dynamic contaminated zones less deadly, with a weaker type of gas, so you can survive in them ONLY with a gas mask with filter, you can also associate some penalty for being in the dynamic gas with no NBC suit, (for example you could lower the maximum HP of the player inside the gas, lower stamina regen, etc) but not make it deadly unless you have no mask.

This would make so that more people would go inside (or not be always forced to leave) the random contaminated zones, but they would still be limited by the filters they have and have a penalty for doing so, leaving it to the decision of the player and not be completely pure random event.

Static zones should keep as they are, needing you to have the full NBC protection to survive inside

PS: This is just a personal opinion from my experience the rest of community might not agree and sorry for bad english


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toupeira created this task.Sep 6 2021, 10:13 PM
Kathosky added a comment.EditedSep 6 2021, 10:43 PM

Agree and good thought. I was thinking that they should be less frequent, but I like your idea that they should be less deadly. Instead of reducing maximum health, I would make it so you get the same stages and symptoms as now, but a lot slower. I think they should force you to leave but not immediately, like you can stay some time in them but not forever because you get the gas poisoning sickness and if too long you eventually die. I would make the same stages and symptoms as now, but a lot slower. Still, I would make this dynamic toxic events rarer in terms of frequency.

I would leave the static zones as deadly as now