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[Feature Request] Updated MultiMaterial shader
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I would like to request an updated variation of the MultiMaterial shader, a MultiMaterial 2.0. The current one is pretty outdated and is lacking some important features that in my experience are needed to create decent looking structures.

The first and main thing that it needs, is a more detailed transition between the materials, currently it just looks like a basic lerp with the uv2 MASK map RGB channels used as the alpha. It needs to mix the MASK map with a tiling greyscale map to create a sharper transition. I'm sure you know what I mean if you have used any Blend shader in the last 7-8 years.

In an ideal scenario, I would love if it mixed the MASK map with height maps packed in the normal map alpha channel of each material (or where ever you think it is best to pack them) with some math to for example control Mask Contrast and Mask Bias of each material (those being float parameters that are exposed and could be changed in the Rvmat). If that cannot be done, then mixing it with Red or Green channel of the normal map with some math or just a single tiling greyscale map (rather than one for each material) could potentially be ok too, would not be great but still an improvement over what it is currently.

The second thing, not nearly as important as the first one, but would be a nice feature - a uv2 Detail Normal Map. Just a single normal map using the same uv channel as the MASK, Macro map etc. that would be mixed with the material normal maps. I've used this a lot working on games, it would allow the shader to be used in some interesting ways.

I don't know much about how Enfusion rendering works, but if performance or texture sampler count is a concern/issue with this request, dropping the 4th material and only blending 3 would be enough in my opinion. The shader could also be used sparingly on structures where this kind of blending is really needed, the old MultiMaterial can still work ok in some cases.

I hope I explained myself well, but let me know if you need some examples or more info. Thanks!


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