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Cooking Pan and Fat Quality of Life Change
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  • When it comes to Cooking stuff with the frying pan in DayZ I feel the game is lacking a bit of transparency with the frying pan when it comes to if your food would get burned or not. So I have come up with an idea.
  • Just like the Cooking pot the frying pan could get a bar to show its "fullness" of Fat within the pan instead of the pots fullness of water and just like the water of the cooking pot the fat in the pan doesnt have to be used right away and can be stored within the Pans "Fullness" bar.

  • To fill it you can put a piece of Fat from an animal and turn on the heating for the pan or Finding a Bottle of Cooking Fat (an Item that needs to be created) and the bottle could be combined with the pan to put some of its content onto the pan, which can be seen below with my beautiful Photoshopping.

  • The Fat bottle can be combined onto the pan to put some of the bottles content onto the pan which can be seen below with the KA-74 Magazine with Fat text on it.

  • Now that the pan has been moisturized by the fat from either source will make it so that you can cook on the pan now like always without burning your meat, and each piece of meat would consume a part of the total amount of fat on the pan itself.


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Keglen created this task.Jul 29 2021, 1:28 AM
mrdarn added a subscriber: mrdarn.Jul 29 2021, 1:29 AM

I really like and support this Idea by Mr. Keglen